Teaching Misbehaviors to Avoid

By Amy Erickson Behavior Modification When one thinks of misbehavior in the classroom, one tends to think of a disruptive student. In an online classroom, bad behavior can be magnified since students... [ read more ]

Using Feedback to Improve Your Teaching

By Amy Erickson Useful Feedback Excelsior instructors are asked to provide feedback prior to a class being half completed. For many of us teaching eight-week courses, that halfway point was last week.... [ read more ]

Incorporating Storytelling into Your Teaching

By Amy Erickson               Grabbing the Brain This week, I watched Dr. Alice Cassidy’s 20-Minute Mentor video “How Can I Enhance Class Using Story, Popular Media... [ read more ]

Teaching with Digital Timelines

By Amy Erickson Context When I began studying literature in college, I distinctly remember feeling like I needed to know so much more than just what happened in a poem or between... [ read more ]

Innovative Teaching Techniques

By Amy Erickson In this month’s Online Classroom newsletter, Leilani Carver shares challenges she faced and innovations she employed after being asked to offer a public speaking class online. While many topics... [ read more ]

Engaging Students through Mini Lectures

  By Amy Erickson Mini Lectures Next month, I’ll be giving a presentation on microlectures to Excelsior faculty. As I looked into resources to fortify this discussion, I came across a wonderful... [ read more ]

Journaling to Reflect on Course Content

Pause and Reflect “We do not learn from experience. We learn from reflecting on experience” (John Dewey, n.d.). This quote came to mind while reading Dr. Orlando’s article in the February edition... [ read more ]

Assessing Your Grading Policy

GPA Last year, a student emailed me with a question. After introducing herself, she reminded me that she had taken my class the previous summer. She told me that she achieved a... [ read more ]

Increase Student Engagement with Animation

By Amy Erickson Getting Animated Last week, I went over both the expected and unexpected results Robert Talbert experienced after implementing video assignments into the online classroom. Talbert (2017) found that using... [ read more ]

Increase Student Engagement with Video Assignments

By Amy Erickson Visible Learning In the January edition of The Online Classroom, Robert Talbert offers several compelling reasons for using video assignments in the online classroom. Instead of submitting a sheet... [ read more ]

Engaging Students by Being a Master Teacher

WWMTD? What would a master teacher do? I found myself asking this question before I tuned in to watch Dr. Kris Roush’s Magna 20-Minute Mentor video “How Do Master Teachers Create a... [ read more ]

Connecting with Students in Courses

Engagement Engaged students are a joy to have in any classroom. Perhaps that is why we all perk up when we hear strategies to captivate our students and communicate our own excitement... [ read more ]

Using Online Tools to Help Students Succeed

By Amy Erickson Online Tools I understand that educational technology can feel overwhelming at times. Instructors are surrounded by information on new programs, apps, and tools to assist students. Perhaps this is... [ read more ]

Using Weekly Newsletters to Communicate with Students

By Amy Erickson Classroom Newsletter Because the online classroom does not have continuous instructor presence, Excelsior course developers are meticulous about anticipating student questions and providing answers. Excelsior instructors and students can... [ read more ]

Strategies for Connecting with Students in the New Year

By Amy Erickson Preparing for 2017 With the year coming to a close, many of us are preparing for our 2017 classes. I have been reviewing my notes about what has worked... [ read more ]

Helping Students Connect To Course Content

By Amy Erickson Adding Zest With the holidays around the corner, I’ve been thinking about recipes and how I can bring unique and bold flavors to the table. Last weekend, I made... [ read more ]

Fostering Deeper Dialogues on the Discussion Boards

By Amy Erickson Discussion Dilemma Have you ever been in a discussion forum that looks like participants submitted posts from their phones? The tell-tale signs include improper capitalization of basic words, vague... [ read more ]

Scavenger Hunts in the Classroom

By Amy Erickson In the past, I’ve used scavenger hunts at the beginning of a class to help students locate helpful, course-related information. Students would get the following list of items to... [ read more ]

Encouraging Active Learning in Students

By Amy Erickson Sweat Have you ever been frustrated by what looks like a lack of effort on behalf of your students? When I was a strength and conditioning coach, I saw... [ read more ]

How Can Course Design Help Prevent Online Cheating

By Amy Erickson   Most of us, as online instructors, have experienced students cheating or plagiarizing. It can be frustrating, disappointing, and even time-consuming. Sometimes it can even be funny, in that... [ read more ]

Creating Engaging Content for Students

By Amy Erickson Balancing Act Have you ever found a perfect video that demonstrated exactly what you wanted to communicate to your students? Or, have you ever spent hours trying to create... [ read more ]

Finding Volunteer Opportunities Online

By Amy Erickson Social Bots and Trolls Have you ever heard of social bots or Internet trolls? Social bots are often created by public relations firms. They have an agenda and fill... [ read more ]

Grading versus Teaching

By Amy Erickson In the October 2016 issue of Online Classroom, Dr. John Orlando makes an interesting distinction between grading and teaching. In his article “Have You Turned Yourself into a Writing... [ read more ]