Using Weekly Newsletters to Communicate with Students

By Amy Erickson Classroom Newsletter Because the online classroom does not have continuous instructor presence, Excelsior course developers are meticulous about anticipating student questions and providing answers. Excelsior instructors and students can... [ read more ]

Strategies for Connecting with Students in the New Year

By Amy Erickson Preparing for 2017 With the year coming to a close, many of us are preparing for our 2017 classes. I have been reviewing my notes about what has worked... [ read more ]

Helping Students Connect To Course Content

By Amy Erickson Adding Zest With the holidays around the corner, I’ve been thinking about recipes and how I can bring unique and bold flavors to the table. Last weekend, I made... [ read more ]

Fostering Deeper Dialogues on the Discussion Boards

By Amy Erickson Discussion Dilemma Have you ever been in a discussion forum that looks like participants submitted posts from their phones? The tell-tale signs include improper capitalization of basic words, vague... [ read more ]

Scavenger Hunts in the Classroom

By Amy Erickson In the past, I’ve used scavenger hunts at the beginning of a class to help students locate helpful, course-related information. Students would get the following list of items to... [ read more ]

Encouraging Active Learning in Students

By Amy Erickson Sweat Have you ever been frustrated by what looks like a lack of effort on behalf of your students? When I was a strength and conditioning coach, I saw... [ read more ]

How Can Course Design Help Prevent Online Cheating

By Amy Erickson   Most of us, as online instructors, have experienced students cheating or plagiarizing. It can be frustrating, disappointing, and even time-consuming. Sometimes it can even be funny, in that... [ read more ]

Creating Engaging Content for Students

By Amy Erickson Balancing Act Have you ever found a perfect video that demonstrated exactly what you wanted to communicate to your students? Or, have you ever spent hours trying to create... [ read more ]

Finding Volunteer Opportunities Online

By Amy Erickson Social Bots and Trolls Have you ever heard of social bots or Internet trolls? Social bots are often created by public relations firms. They have an agenda and fill... [ read more ]

Grading versus Teaching

By Amy Erickson In the October 2016 issue of Online Classroom, Dr. John Orlando makes an interesting distinction between grading and teaching. In his article “Have You Turned Yourself into a Writing... [ read more ]

Twitter in the Classroom

By Amy Erickson About five years ago, one university encouraged instructors and staff to create Twitter accounts. Unfortunately, the instructors and staff weren’t given any guidance as to how or why to... [ read more ]

Harnessing Technology in the Classroom

By Amy Erickson I love the premise behind open education, but hadn’t thought about using open resources in a way that could enhance my classroom. In the past, I’ve directed interested students... [ read more ]

Feedback on Your Feedback

By Amy Erickson Feedback is a critical tool for online instructors. Without the face-to-face interaction of the classroom, instructors must rely on assignments and online discussions to gauge student comprehension. Take a... [ read more ]

September is Suicide Prevention Month

By Judy Reed, Director of Veteran Services and Outreach, CMVE Currently, over 39,000 students are enrolled in Excelsior College. More than 40% of these students are military servicemembers and veterans. Studies have... [ read more ]

Maximizing Content Retention

By Amy Erickson Dr. John Orlando’s article in the September issue of the Online Classroom newsletter got me thinking. In his article, “Applying Neurology to Online Videos,” Dr. Orlando shares important advice... [ read more ]

Army Graduate Meets Center for Military & Veteran Education Staff at Commencement in Albany, NY

Recent graduate Xavier Wimberly attended Excelsior College’s annual commencement ceremony at the Empire State Plaza on July 8, 2016. The day before, he and his family stopped by the Center for Military... [ read more ]

Center for Military & Veteran Education Participates in VA Hospital Education Fairs

The Center for Military & Veteran Education at Excelsior College recently participated in VA Hospital Education Fairs in Bronx, New York, and Providence, Rhode Island. Bronx, NY Veterans and employees got a... [ read more ]

Excelsior Military Representative Supports Norfolk Naval Station Commencement Event

In May, Center for Military & Veteran Education representative Rosnette Hays was a key support resource in contacting local Excelsior College graduates and coordinating the Norfolk Naval Station graduation. At that commencement... [ read more ]

New Career and Educational Planning Tool “Focus 2” Gets Positive Response

In mid-June, the Office of Career Services launched Focus 2, a self-guided, interactive career and educational online planning tool. This customized tool is available to Excelsior students and alumni free of charge.... [ read more ]

Rocco Reports on HAPS Conference

By Dr. Laurie Rocco, School of Health Sciences Instructional Faculty and 2016 Distinguished Faculty Award Recipient My Excelsior professional development award for 2016 allowed me to attend the 30th Annual Human Anatomy... [ read more ]

Trial and Error Opens Up New Possibilities: CETLA Excellence in Teaching Theme for Summer 2 Term

By Wendy Trevor, PhD, Executive Director Center for Excellence in Teaching, Learning and Assessment (CETLA) This past academic year instructional faculty worked diligently to ensure effective teaching in support of the College’s standards... [ read more ]

Learn More About What Makes Excelsior College Unique: “The Excelsior Difference”

By Emilsen Holguin, Assistant Vice President for Academic Operations and Regulatory Affairs   “The College meets students where they are.” Excelsior College is considered an innovator in higher education. As with other distance learning... [ read more ]