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What Students Want in Online Classrooms

By Amy Erickson What Students Want “What do Students Want in Online Classes?” I wanted an answer to this question, so I tuned in to Jill Schiefelbein’s 20-Minute Mentor video. In her video, she discusses how she solicited feedback from 200 students....  [Read More]

Encouraging Students to take Responsibility for their Own Learning

By Amy Erickson Taking Responsibility “It’s not about achieving outcomes. It is about getting them [students] to want to achieve the outcomes” (Price, 2017b, para. 51). This idea really stood out to me in Dr. Christy Price’s 20-Minute Mentor video. In her...  [Read More]

Using Infographics in the Classroom

By Amy Erickson What is an Infographic? In the May edition of Online Classroom, Dr. John Orlando’s article on infographics caught my eye. Some may be asking, what is an infographic? According to Bovée and Thill (2016), “infographics are a special class...  [Read More]

Incorporating Storytelling into Your Teaching

By Amy Erickson               Grabbing the Brain This week, I watched Dr. Alice Cassidy’s 20-Minute Mentor video “How Can I Enhance Class Using Story, Popular Media and Objects?” At the beginning of this video, Dr. Cassidy...  [Read More]

Teaching with Digital Timelines

By Amy Erickson Context When I began studying literature in college, I distinctly remember feeling like I needed to know so much more than just what happened in a poem or between the covers of the book. I was eager to learn...  [Read More]

Innovative Teaching Techniques

By Amy Erickson In this month’s Online Classroom newsletter, Leilani Carver shares challenges she faced and innovations she employed after being asked to offer a public speaking class online. While many topics seem to lend themselves to the online format, public speaking...  [Read More]

Engaging Students through Mini Lectures

  By Amy Erickson Mini Lectures Next month, I’ll be giving a presentation on microlectures to Excelsior faculty. As I looked into resources to fortify this discussion, I came across a wonderful 20-minute mentor video by Dr. Christy Price.  I love it...  [Read More]

Increase Student Engagement with Animation

By Amy Erickson Getting Animated Last week, I went over both the expected and unexpected results Robert Talbert experienced after implementing video assignments into the online classroom. Talbert (2017) found that using video assignments increased student effort level, ensured original work, and...  [Read More]

Increase Student Engagement with Video Assignments

By Amy Erickson Visible Learning In the January edition of The Online Classroom, Robert Talbert offers several compelling reasons for using video assignments in the online classroom. Instead of submitting a sheet of paper with answers, Talbert’s students video themselves working through...  [Read More]

Creating Engaging Content for Students

By Amy Erickson Balancing Act Have you ever found a perfect video that demonstrated exactly what you wanted to communicate to your students? Or, have you ever spent hours trying to create a personalized iMovie for your class and felt that it...  [Read More]