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Grading versus Teaching

By Amy Erickson In the October 2016 issue of Online Classroom, Dr. John Orlando makes an interesting distinction between grading and teaching. In his article “Have You Turned Yourself into a Writing Tutor?” Dr. Orlando (2016) suggests that many professors focus on...  [Read More]

Crocco Co-edits Book on RPGs

Francesco Crocco, associate director of the Online Writing Lab, is the co-editor of  “The Role-Playing Society: Essays on the Cultural Influence of RPGs.” Since the release of Dungeons & Dragons in 1974, role-playing games (RPGs) have spawned a vibrant industry and subculture whose characteristics and...  [Read More]

Sign up for August 25 OWL Webinar

Join Crystal Sands, PhD, executive director of the Excelsior College OWL, and Michelle Abeyta, learning services coordinator, as they showcase the many rich and engaging resources of the Online Writing Law and explain how it can help meet your students’ writing needs. The webinar...  [Read More]