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Encouraging Students to take Responsibility for their Own Learning

By Amy Erickson Taking Responsibility “It’s not about achieving outcomes. It is about getting them [students] to want to achieve the outcomes” (Price, 2017b, para. 51). This idea really stood out to me in Dr. Christy Price’s 20-Minute Mentor video. In her...  [Read More]

Engaging Students by Being an Entertaining Teacher

By Amy Erickson Teaching and Entertaining In the April edition of the Online Classroom newsletter, Dr. John Orlando brings up some excellent points about expectations surrounding instructors. In this article, he discusses an instructor who asserted that her role was not to...  [Read More]

Teaching with Digital Timelines

By Amy Erickson Context When I began studying literature in college, I distinctly remember feeling like I needed to know so much more than just what happened in a poem or between the covers of the book. I was eager to learn...  [Read More]

Engaging Students through Mini Lectures

  By Amy Erickson Mini Lectures Next month, I’ll be giving a presentation on microlectures to Excelsior faculty. As I looked into resources to fortify this discussion, I came across a wonderful 20-minute mentor video by Dr. Christy Price.  I love it...  [Read More]

Using Online Tools to Help Students Succeed

By Amy Erickson Online Tools I understand that educational technology can feel overwhelming at times. Instructors are surrounded by information on new programs, apps, and tools to assist students. Perhaps this is why I was drawn to Madeline Craig’s article in the...  [Read More]

Fostering Deeper Dialogues on the Discussion Boards

By Amy Erickson Discussion Dilemma Have you ever been in a discussion forum that looks like participants submitted posts from their phones? The tell-tale signs include improper capitalization of basic words, vague statements lacking any reference to the content being discussed, and...  [Read More]

Encouraging Active Learning in Students

By Amy Erickson Sweat Have you ever been frustrated by what looks like a lack of effort on behalf of your students? When I was a strength and conditioning coach, I saw this quite a bit. Student-athletes did not connect how time...  [Read More]

Encourage Students to Attend Library Overview Webinar

Both faculty and librarians know that students don’t always realize the importance of having information before they actually need it. The Excelsior College Library has some tips and tricks to save faculty and students time! Encourage student attendance at the Library’s first webinar.  We...  [Read More]

SBT Uses Proactive Outreach to Drive Student Success

By Scott Dolan, executive director of accreditation School of Business & Technology Through funding received in May from the Student Success Steering Committee (SSSC) and the Provost’s Office, the School of Business & Technology (SBT) is providing proactive outreach to two key student...  [Read More]

Excelsior: The State of the College

Dr. John Ebersole, president of Excelsior College, Dr. Mary Beth Hanner, provost, and John Pontius, chief financial officer, discuss the College’s mission, finances, successes, challenges, and vision for the future. Topics discussed include student success, faculty development, innovation, and technology...  [Read More]