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Encouraging Students to take Responsibility for their Own Learning

By Amy Erickson Taking Responsibility “It’s not about achieving outcomes. It is about getting them [students] to want to achieve the outcomes” (Price, 2017b, para. 51). This idea really stood out to me in Dr. Christy Price’s 20-Minute Mentor video. In her...  [Read More]

Communicating Effectively to Encourage Student Learning and Engagement

By Amy Erickson Our Expertise The more I read about teaching methodologies and student engagement, the more I realize that one’s mastery of content only goes so far. Our ability to captivate students and get them excited about content demands more than...  [Read More]

Engaging Students by Being an Entertaining Teacher

By Amy Erickson Teaching and Entertaining In the April edition of the Online Classroom newsletter, Dr. John Orlando brings up some excellent points about expectations surrounding instructors. In this article, he discusses an instructor who asserted that her role was not to...  [Read More]

Teaching Misbehaviors to Avoid

By Amy Erickson Behavior Modification When one thinks of misbehavior in the classroom, one tends to think of a disruptive student. In an online classroom, bad behavior can be magnified since students are behind a computer screen and not directly in front...  [Read More]

Using Feedback to Improve Your Teaching

By Amy Erickson Useful Feedback Excelsior instructors are asked to provide feedback prior to a class being half completed. For many of us teaching eight-week courses, that halfway point was last week. Although I feel comfortable giving students thorough, constructive feedback, I...  [Read More]

Incorporating Storytelling into Your Teaching

By Amy Erickson               Grabbing the Brain This week, I watched Dr. Alice Cassidy’s 20-Minute Mentor video “How Can I Enhance Class Using Story, Popular Media and Objects?” At the beginning of this video, Dr. Cassidy...  [Read More]

Teaching with Digital Timelines

By Amy Erickson Context When I began studying literature in college, I distinctly remember feeling like I needed to know so much more than just what happened in a poem or between the covers of the book. I was eager to learn...  [Read More]

Engaging Students through Mini Lectures

  By Amy Erickson Mini Lectures Next month, I’ll be giving a presentation on microlectures to Excelsior faculty. As I looked into resources to fortify this discussion, I came across a wonderful 20-minute mentor video by Dr. Christy Price.  I love it...  [Read More]

Journaling to Reflect on Course Content

Pause and Reflect “We do not learn from experience. We learn from reflecting on experience” (John Dewey, n.d.). This quote came to mind while reading Dr. Orlando’s article in the February edition of the Online Classroom. Dr. Orlando (2017) uses journaling to...  [Read More]

Assessing Your Grading Policy

GPA Last year, a student emailed me with a question. After introducing herself, she reminded me that she had taken my class the previous summer. She told me that she achieved a B in my class because her final percentage was 88%....  [Read More]