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What Students Want in Online Classrooms

By Amy Erickson What Students Want “What do Students Want in Online Classes?” I wanted an answer to this question, so I tuned in to Jill Schiefelbein’s 20-Minute Mentor video. In her video, she discusses how she solicited feedback from 200 students....  [Read More]

Scavenger Hunts in the Classroom

By Amy Erickson In the past, I’ve used scavenger hunts at the beginning of a class to help students locate helpful, course-related information. Students would get the following list of items to identify and keep for future reference: My email address My...  [Read More]

CETLA Excellence in Teaching Theme for Summer 1 Term

By Wendy Trevor, PhD Executive Director Center for Excellence in Teaching, Learning and Assessment (CETLA) Office of Student and Faculty Services Last term we considered how we might individualize our approach to teaching and how this might impact student engagement and retention. ...  [Read More]

Wahl Hosts Faculty Meet-up in Texas

...  [Read More]


Excelsior College’s Center for Online Education, Learning and Academic Services (COELAS) focuses on developing an infrastructure and improving the efficiency and level of service in the areas of student support services, faculty support services, library services, online course development/support, and policies and procedures....  [Read More]

CETLA Theme for Spring 1 Term: Inspirational Teaching

By Wendy Trevor, PhD Executive Director, Center for Excellence in Teaching, Learning and Assessment (CETLA) At the Academic Affairs retreat on September 24, 2015, attendees contemplated our own prior learning experiences and the idea of teaching excellence and identified four key pillars of...  [Read More]

SLA Communications Faculty Member Earns Doctorate

Eileen Hegel, Distinguished Faculty award winner in 2014 for the School of Liberal Arts, has been awarded an EdD in Educational Leadership at Liberty University. Her dissertation, which she completed in May 2015, is entitled A Phenomenological Study of Facebook Messages from...  [Read More]

Help Evaluate LMS Systems

In response to feedback about Blackboard, Excelsior’s current Learning Management System (LMS), the College has identified two LMS solution providers to replace Blackboard: Canvas and Desire to Learn. Please join us as we evaluate both in trial environments featuring the characteristics and functionality of...  [Read More]

Faculty Reflects on Online Discussion Workshop

By Brian Flynn, LCSW, adjunct faculty, School of Health Sciences Earlier this month I had the fortune of participating in the Online Learning Consortium’s Workshop titled, “Fundamentals: Engaging Learners in Online Discussion”. This was a week-long asynchronous workshop requiring over six hours of work, including...  [Read More]

Teacher? Writing Coach? Why Not?

During the average week, I spend a lot of time writing. Letters, emails, memos, blogs… I write so much that it has become second nature to me to sit down in front of a blank computer screen and, soon thereafter, fill it...  [Read More]